Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Microsoft Points Generator

Get the Microsoft Points Generator Free to use on Xbox Live marketplace, this Microsoft Points Generator generates unique Microsoft Point codes every time! Thanks for visiting our site. Get a free Microsoft Point Codes with our easy-to-use Microsoft Points Generator. This app is exclusive too our site and viewers. This Microsoft Points Generator will let you generate 800, 1600, or 4000 point codes. You can redeem these codes on any Xbox Live account. All codes can be redeemed up to 48 hours after being generated. You can redeem these on your Xbox or through Xbox.com.  This app is monitored and checked daily by our programmers too make sure it s updated and working correctly. Enjoy your Microsoft Points Generator free! Microsoft Points are the currency of the Xbox Live Marketplace, Games for Windows Marketplace, Windows Live Gallery, Xbox Music and Video online stores. The points allow users to purchase content without a credit card and to reduce the number of small credit card transaction fees, which Microsoft would otherwise pay. Some downloads on the Xbox Live Marketplace are free, but most other downloads, such as full versions of arcade games and downloadable content for some games, cost Microsoft Points.
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